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Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the right type of flooring installed enhances the value and appearance of your homes and offices. You can rely on the experts at Fabbri Tile & Carpet for your flooring installation. Before we start with our flooring projects, we strive to ensure our clients have complete clarity about their flooring choices and our services. You can find dependable answers to some of the frequently asked questions below. Please contact us if you need any more information. 


  • What Are the Types of Waterproof Flooring to Consider?
    For areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, you should consider the right waterproof flooring options. Here are some waterproof flooring styles: Waterproof luxury vinyl planks (SPC and WPC) Luxury vinyl sheet Waterproof laminate flooring Waterproof tile flooring
  • How to Measure for Flooring, & When to Hire an Expert?
    To calculate how much flooring you require, you need a standard tape measure to estimate the length and width of any room. Calculate the gross square footage per area and multiply the length and width. For accuracy, hire one of our experts to check the measurements, so you only order the required flooring.
  • How Does the Cost of Flooring Products Vary?
    The cost of flooring can differ within each category. You can shortlist a few flooring products on the basis of your budget, but it’s vital to give preference to your lifestyle and your home’s décor. You can consult one of our experts at Fabbri Tile & Carpet to choose the right type of flooring for your property.
  • How Do I Start My Flooring Renovations?
    Start by choosing your desired flooring style, setting a budget, selecting a colour scheme, and keeping your lifestyle in mind. Next, please schedule an appointment with our team at Fabbri Tile & Carpet to make the right choice.
  • Why Should You Get a High-quality Flooring Installation?
    The high-quality installation makes a huge difference to your flooring appearance. A seamless installation ensures your flooring’s functionality, look, and lifespan are not compromised. Get the job done by our skilled experts to avoid unwanted spending.
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